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The Society's members regularly sponsor various events in the community. Some are fundraisers for the Society while others are meant to foster community spirit. Click here to find an archival list of some of them, along with other past news items, with the most recent at the top.

Visit to Patterson Historical Settlement

On August third seven members of the Association, and our Summer Student, Cassidy Chisholm, spent half a day at the Patterson Settlement Historical Village in Hoyt, where we learned a great deal about preserving and presenting historical properties. We'll be posting a full report, with many pictures (Cassidy gave her camera a workout).

Exciting Project Needs Community Stories and Artifacts

The Keswick Ridge Historical Society is restoring the old McKeen Corner Store. Our goal is one day to open it as a museum, capturing the importance of the store to the community. We are focusing on the period between 1930 and 1950. We are looking for artifacts – such as old goods containers, barrels, household items, farm and lumbering tools. The store also served as a post office. Anything to do with this would be appreciated.

We also need any old photos of the store – and we need your memories. Did you live in the community during this time period? Can you remember going to the store? Click on the McKeen Store link on this home page to learn more about the store.

If you can help us in any way with this project please contact either Barb Allen 506-353-5202 (email barballen340@gmail.com) or Anne Hunt 506-363-3891 (email annehunt@unb.ca).

School Visits School

On June 2, nineteen K-2 students from the Keswick Ridge School visited the historical Keswick Ridge Superior School to find out what school playgrounds and classrooms had been like, once upon a time.They had hands on experiences of what a school day was like in the early to mid 1900's. Times have changed but one thing remains the same. Recess was still the favourite part of the day.

The classroom was a little different.

And so was the playground.