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Local Historic Sites

There are many sites in the Keswick Ridge area of significance to local history. In time, we will develop an interactive tour of the sites in this area with references to local families and stories. Please keep an eye on our News page for notices of site updates and new features. In the meantime, several local sites are reasonably easy to find:

[1] - All Saints Anglican Church - Officially designated an historic site, this church is still used and is very well preserved. It is located on Crock's Point Road about 1km from Route 105.

[2] - O'Ree Cemetery - located on Apple Blossom Lane behind house # 41. This cemetery is of note both because of its age and because the O'Ree were some of the first African Americans/African Canadians in the area. View recent photographs of the O'Ree cemetery [here]

[3] - Wheary Cemetery - located at the Mouth of Keswick, Route 105, behind the Keswick Convenience Store. It hasn't been well maintained but can still be found.

[4] - Site of "old Baptist Church" - The original Baptist Church was burned after the land was appropriated for the Mactaquac Dam. The original location was on the grassy hill behind the Dam.

[5] - Pickard Cemetery - Route 105 between Keswick Ridge and Mouth of Keswick. Across from TNT Building Supplies. It is easily recognized by the huge pine tree at the front of the cemetery.

[6] - McKinley Ferry Landing - at the end of Crocks Point Road near the home of Eugene Price. Before the construction of the Dam this was a major crossing.

[7] - Jewetts Mills Monument - Route 105 at the Causeway, a couple of kilometers north of the Dam, opposite the Marina. This monument was placed to commemorate the site of the village Jewetts Mills which was permanently flooded to construct the Mactaquac Dam.

[8] - Keswick Ridge Superior School - Route 616 just before Apple Lane and opposite Coburn's farm. This is the old school currently being preserved by the KRHS and is used as the KRHS headquarters.