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Our Museum

The Keswick Ridge Historical Society intends to use the [school] building as a community museum to contain artifacts from the region. The first, and possibly most important, step has been taken: the creation of the [Collections Policy and Procedures] document. In 2008 Dawna Gordon accepted the position of Curator of the Museum and together with Nancy Rideout, the Registrar, will begin to register the items already acquired. The museum has not begun accepting items into its collection but KRHS members are hopeful that the museum soon will be operational.

The Historical Society recently completed the Policies and Procedure Manual for the Museum. This document will govern the operation of the museum. This was a significant effort of time and energy that enables the museum to begin operation. While we have not yet begun taking donations, the groundwork for an operational museum is finished.

The Policies and Procedures document is available in PDF format here.