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Some other historically oriented organizations

The region of Fredericton and surrounding areas is rich in historical significance. Many organizations and societies have formed to promote and preserve the stories, artifacts, and buildings upon which the people of the area have built their lives.

Kings Landing Historical Settlement
This historical settlement provides an amazing look back at life in the New Brunswick of the 1800s. Complete with an inn, sawmill, printer, and general store this village is complete and historically accurate.

York Sunbury Museum
Located in downtown Fredericton, this museum was founded by the York Sunbury Historical Society in 1934. It is a great resource for history of the region.

School Days Museum
Started as an archival committee, School Days has grown to be a museum that is offically sponsored by the New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers (NBSRT).

Fredericton North Heritage Association
The FNHA was formed in 2007 to honour the rich heritage of the northside of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Queens County Historical Society & Museum Inc.
The QCHSM has a museum and manages multiple historic homes and sites.

Heritage Branch of the Dept. of Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Heritage Branch administers programs such as built heritage, heritage education, and programs under the Museum Services Unit.

Patterson Settlement Historical Society Facebook page.
Patterson Settlement, in Hoyt, is a privately sponsored restoration and preservation of a historically important settlement.

Fredericton Heritage Trust
The trust has been very successful in promoting Fredericton's rich history, campaigning to preserve its historically significant buildings, and providing educational value to students.