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To purchase an item, contact:

Elaine Geldart, Chair of the Keswick Ridge Historical Society Publications Committee: email melainegeldart@gmail.com.ca or phone (506) 363-2430.

The settlement of Scotch Lake began with the arrival of 6 families from the south of Scotland. Originally, the community consisted of 13 lots which have been followed from their conception, in 1819, up to the present day. The book is a depiction of the struggles these brave settlers had to face and the many obstacles they had to overcome. Included are many stories we hope will bring the people to life for you and be remembered long after you have read the book.

Perfect bound $20.00

"A Taste of Keswick," edited by Sheila Moore and Anne Hunt. The Keswick Exchange was a community newspaper published from May 1981 to June 1998. A regular feature of the news magazine was the "What's Cooking?" column. Contributors often included "food for thought" along with their recipes. Stories from the Exchange about local food producers have been included along with the recipes.

Spiral bound $15.00

"The Vanished Village - Jewett's Mills, N.B. 1804 - 1967" written by Evelyn Gordon and Harry Grant and reprinted with added photos in 2007 by the Historical Society.

Spiral bound $15.00

"Century Homes of Keswick Ridge" - Printed by the Keswick Ridge Seniors and donated to the Historical Society.

This book details the history of many of the regions surviving homes built in the 1800s. Some of these houses were relocated during the construction of the Mactaquac Dam.

Spiral bound $15.00

"On the Ridge: In the Mactaquac Country," by Evelyn Gordon and Harry Grant.

"A bit of social history which attempts to trace the story of Keswick Ridge from its origins in the good earth and in the hearts of the people who came to settle, and remained, in their descendants, to build this flourishing and friendly rural community." -- from the "Foreword"

Paperback $20.00

"Looking Back at Macnaquac: A Community History," Compiled by Ruth Timmins, Jean Cunningham, Bessie Howland, and Velma Murch.

Originally published in 1992, this book was reprinted by the Keswick Ridge Historical Society in 2014.

Paperback $20.00

"Fond Memories" - written by Estelle Haines & Aggie Rose Reddin in 2007. Printed with permission of the authors.

Estelle Haines Reddin of P.E.I., sent us a copy of “Fond Memories”, a lovely book of her memories of summers spent at Mactaquac in the 20’s and 30’s. It is full of photos and genealogy of the Haines, Jewett, and Donaldson families. Her god-son Jeff Zaat recently moved to Keswick Ridge and has joined the Historical Society.

Estelle Reddin and her daughter Aggi-Rose Reddin have permitted the Historical Society to print and sell copies of their book.


"Bear Island: More than an Island," by Patty Gunter Trail.

"As we grow older, many of us search for our roots, trying more perfectly to identify how we became the people we are. That partly explains why I began researching the history of Bear Island. With the construction of the Mctaquac Dam and the subsequent flooding of the islands and large pieces of the mainland in Bear Island, I felt that it was important to retain the stories of life in this rural community before they were forgotten forever." -- from the "Introduction"


"Mactaquac: The Story of the Dam." .

This documentary was produced by the New Brunswick Electric Power Commission in 1969. It contains historical footage of a time of great change in the central St. John River Valley and particularly in the Keswick-Mactaquac region. The building of the Mactaquac Dam created not only physical changes in our community but societal changes as well. Mr. Reg Tweeddale, who was the Chairman of the Power Commission at that time, had family ties in the Keswick-Mactaquac community. NB Power has kindly given us the right to sell this DVD.