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Josh Dickison

Modernizing Mactaquac: Mactaquac Regional Development Project 1966-1975

In celebration of National Heritage Week, the Keswick Ridge Historical Society held a community discussion on Sunday February 24th 2008, from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. at the historic Keswick Ridge Superior School (#112 Route 616). There Josh Dickison shared his research on the economic development program that accompanied the construction of the Mactaquac Dam. A discussion followed where some of those who remember the time period first-hand shared stories of losing land, being hired to work on the dam and other impacts on their community.

With approximately 35 - 40 members of the community in attendance this was quite successful. Many of those who lived through this huge change in the region had not heard of many of the policies and attitudes within the government and its consultant regarding the people of Keswick. Josh Dickison has donated copies of his thesis on the subject to the Society's reference collection. These are now available on loan. Those interested in consulting Josh Dickison's essay should contact Evelyn Jewett the Keswick Ridge Historical Society Publications Committee Chair at evelyn.jewett@keswickridge.ca.