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About Us

The Keswick Ridge Historical Society is a registered non-profit group dedicated to preserving the history, stories and artifacts of the Keswick region. The Society is a community-oriented group, hosting events and coordinating with other community organizations.

Our History

In the spring of 1999 a group of concerned citizens formed the Keswick Ridge Historical Society in an effort to preserve and revitalize the Keswick Ridge Superior School, a valuable community asset. Working closely with the Keswick Ridge Local Service District, it is The Society's intention to maintain Keswick Ridge Superior School for use as a community museum and Society headquarters. The Society will further explore other possible uses for the school building (such as a learning institution for traditional arts, or even a tea room) in an effort to make the Keswick Ridge Superior School an important and vital community center.

The school building remained vacant for many years. Once under the stewardship of the Society, it required structural repairs and careful restoration. Through grants, auctions, and other fundraising activities, The Society has been able to make repairs and render the building as beautiful as it is now functional. Additionally, the Keswick Ridge Historical Society has taken possession of the McKeen Corner Store building and relocated it to a small lot alongside the school site. Also in need of significant repair, the Store has been a fixture in the community for many years. The Society intends to raise funds for restoration of the store and is currently considering suitable uses for it.


The Society raises funds through a variety of means. Its annual auction of items donated from local businesses is a major source of funds. Other sources include grants and the sale of items uniquely produced by the Society, including books and videos which pertain to the history of the Keswick region. Last but not least, donations from benevolent members of the community have become increasingly important as the Society undertakes and ever-growing number of projects.


The bylaws of the Keswick Ridge Historical Society can be consulted by clicking here.