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This Web site is designed to promote the activities of the Keswick Ridge Historical Society, and improve our communication within the community and beyond. The Web site itself is a repository of information about the organization and the area; our Facebook page, however, is where you should look for the most current news and activities.


One of our most recent acquisitions is a scale model of the McKinley Ferry
made by Leigh Dunphy, father of Jack Dunphy.
It was donated by Wyn Everett on behalf of the late Fred Everett.

We welcome any memories you might have of the days when the ferry connected
communities on both sides of the Saint John River at Crocks Point.
Send them to us at annehunt@unb.ca



Our admiralty anchor, recovered from the river near the old ferry landing, has now been installed on a concrete pad in front of the school building.

To see a record of the wonderful volunteer crew at work putting it in place, click here. Click on each picture to go to the next one.
Click here to see a video of a few minutes of the process.

History of Health Care in Keswick Ridge

We're happy to announce Part 2 of Evelyn Fidler's series of postings on health care specialists in Keswick Ridge for the past 250 years.

The first part, "Early Practitioners," focuses on two early examples, Dr. Jacob Barker and Dr. John Hagerman. You can read it by clicking here.

Part 2, "Community Doctors," introduces Dr. Benjamin Coburn, Dr. Oscar Emery Morehouse and
Dr. Beverley Robertson; click here to read it.

If you can add anything about any of the health care providers mentioned, please let us know by email at annehunt@unb.ca.

Our mandate is "to preserve properties, artifacts, traditions, and records of local historical significance, as well as encouraging community commitment and appreciation of those cultural assets." Accordingly, we are eager to learn and share the stories of this region and to preserve its history for all to enjoy.

One of the most important missions of the KRHS is to maintain and preserve the Keswick Ridge Superior School, which now serves as our headquarters. This building is often the center of the KRHS events and activities and in time will be the home of our museum. Next to the Superior School is the old McKeen Corner Store building which is undergoing thorough repair and restoration. The store has also become a focus of the Society's preservation efforts.

We hope you'll return often to this site to participate in learning about, sharing, preserving and re-living our history. Please contact us with any suggestions or contributions; all are appreciated.